Faces of El Al

I love how El Al’s Youtube Page features the faces of the company. It really gives a human touch to the airline.

Pilot – Yuval Cohen

Yuval is the first officer of El Al. He has been a pilot for 9 years. He is married and has a 5 year old daughter. He has flown since 1992 in the Israeli air force.

He flies the 747-400 fleet. The airplane can carry about 400 passengers and can take off carrying 395 tons.

The video features him at work. Take some time to watch the video and get to know the life of a pilot.

Shiran Nakash Baruch and Hai Benuz Elias – Flight Attendants

Come and find out the funny and colorful work stories of Shiran and Elias as they go through their everyday life as people who value the virtue of work.